About us

FreeRDP.one is a company founded in 2020 by the Nadishen Group, which is the largest data center owner in Europe. Located in Gibraltar, Europe, FreeRDP aims to provide high-quality, high-speed Internet Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) services to all users, especially students and low-income individuals around the world. To date, FreeRDP has provided its services to over 3 million users for free.

In addition to offering free RDP services for a full year, FreeRDP also provides a range of RDP plans for Windows and Linux with various specifications to meet the needs of its users. The company also offers a professional control panel, excellent technical support, and comprehensive free services to all of its users.

If you have any questions or would like more information about FreeRDP, you can contact the company at their address: 23 F3 B11 Queen Elisabet Street, Gibraltar, Europe, Zip Code GX11 1AA. You can also reach them by phone at +350 525 101 5211 or +350 552 110 5212, or by email at Contact(at)freerdp.one.