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99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

The core of our network is setup with redundant Brocade MLX routers with IPV4 and IPV6 support. The network is connected to multiple redundant 10 Gigabit fiber uplinks to guarantee a 99,9% uptime..

Powerful Control Panel

We only use latest and updated control panels to ensure optimal performance. Windows VPS and RDP comes with full Remote desktop GUI access which is great deal for new users.

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Why our users FreeRDP

“Thanks to FreeRDP I now have access to high internet speed RDP to test my softwares, plus the technical support is awesome and supper helpful and friendly”

– James

“As a online streamer, my work is easier now. Very high internet speed, great support i trully love their services”

– Lucas

“I have been using their RDP's for years now, never have a problem with it, and the best thing about FreeRDP is the easy to manage control panel.”

– Daniel
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